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Quad City Chaos Round-Up

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

By: Biggie Falls #666

Quad City Chaos was hosted by Toronto Roller Derby March 31 – April 1st, with participating leagues Rideau Valley Roller Girls, Tri-City Roller Girls, Toronto Roller Derby, and of course your very own Hammer City Roller Girls!

Tri-City Thunder take on the Hammer City Eh! Team. Photo by David Crane

Hammer City didn’t take home any wins at QCC with Tri-City Thunder taking the first game 392-31, Rideau Valley Vixenstaking the second 248-75, and ToRD’s CN Power taking the final game 408-55.

With Hammer City’s restructure in full swing, the ladies went out on the track full of positive attitude, and came out learning a lot! Strategy was implemented, and new moves were broken out. We saw some huge hits from Oh! Henry #5150, great jamming by JJ Bladez #5, and big blocks by zoeDisco #911. Mean Little Mama #0 brought in lots of points, despite spending lots of time in the Sin Bin.

A HUGE thank you to Toronto Roller Derby for hosting this tournament! We look forward to playing with all participating leagues in the near future!