Support roles

Be a bruise-free member of Hammer City Roller Derby! How? By joining us as a referee, non-skating official, coach, or volunteer.

Our referees are our skating officials who absorb WFTDA rules by osmosis and call penalties with confidence and safety always in mind.  They often travel with our team to assist in officiating duties, and to other bouts and tournaments when their eagle eyes and snappy whistling abilities are needed.

Non-Skating Officials
Our NSOs also have a keen fondness for WFTDA rules and an affection for detail. They help to keep the game running smoothly – from keeping time to tracking the score to recording penalties. They too will sometimes travel with our team to help with bouts, and are sought after at tournaments and bouts for their super sharp statistical acumen.

We are looking for coaches who can subject our league to equal parts butt-kicking, love, and leadership. Mind meld with league trainers to design, run and manage practices. Help select rosters, create line-ups, and keep us cool as cucumbers during scrimmages and bouts. Provide feedback to skaters like a velvet hammer – strong and effective, but with a soft landing. Travel as much as you like with us to bouts and tournaments.

Are you interested in roller derby? Energetic? Positive? Then we want you! Becoming a volunteer with us gets you free admission into bouts, swag, and the gratitude of skaters. Not sure what role you could play? No worries, we can find the best fit for you.

We couldn’t possibly roll without all these roles! Interested in joining us? Get in touch!