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Eye On The Area
The Hamilton Spectator
Photo by Thom Evered
September 15, 2011

Roc City Roughs Up Local Harlots
The Hamilton Mountain News
July 14, 2011

Let’s Get Physical
The Hamilton Spectator
Teri Pecoskie
June 21, 2011

Hammer City Roller Girls Practice in Caledonia
Haldimand Regional News This Week
Kellie MacMillan
January 26, 2011

Hammer City League a Leader in Roller Derby
The Hamilton Mountain News
Leah Visser
July 15, 2010

Hell on Wheels
The Hamilton Mountain News
Gord Bowes
May 15, 2009

Mothers of Mayhem Return to the Concrete Track
The Hamilton Mountain News
Gord Bowes
May 8, 2009

Here Comes The Judge as Harlots Get Rolling
The Hamilton Spectator
Rebecca Penty
July 28, 2008

Hamilton’s Death Row Dames Beat Tri-City Roller Girls 66-9
The Hamilton Spectator
Colin Hunter
June 17, 2008

Roller City
The View
Lindsay Hutton
May 22-28, 2008

Rolling Along Not So Nicely
Guelph Mercury
Laura Thompson
October 20, 2007

Bad Girls On The Track
The Hamilton Spectator
Rosie-Ann Grover
August 27, 2007

Action Packed
H Magazine
Sarah Glen & Dave Kuruc
May 2007 Issue

Last Girl Standing
The View Magazine
Ric Taylor
May 10-16, 2007

Harlots In Dunnville
The Chronicle
Doreen Hoover
May 2, 2007

Get the Painkillers, Roller Derby’s Back
The Hamilton Spectator
Dana Borcea
July 24, 2006

Rebirth of the Rollergirl
Sweat Magazine
Liz Worth
Spring 2006 Issue