Coaches & Managers

Interested in coaching the Hammer City Roller Girls?

Hammer City Roller Girls (HCRG), a local flat track roller derby team, is looking for coaches who can subject our league to equal parts butt-kicking, love, and leadership. No roller derby experience? No problem! We all started off being like “what-the-what??” when it came to comprehending roller derby. With our support and guidance you will fall in love with derby in no time. And by “fall in love” we mean become totally obsessed with it like the rest of us. You will become ONE OF US.

Despite the silliness of this description, we are a serious league with serious aspirations but we need some help to bring them to fruition. For serious.

About HCRG
• HCRG is a registered not-for-profit and we spread love by giving lots of bucks and support to local charities. When you’re not making money, you may as well make friends.
• HCRG abides by the rules of our benevolent overlords – the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Membership in this worldwide organization is very dear to us and we tremble in the shadow of its awesomeness.
• HCRG’s Board of Directors keep the boat afloat while various committees keep the engines running.
• If you are a human, you fit with HCRG. HCRG strives to be a safe and accepting space for people regardless of gender, religion, creed, age, etc. There is an ongoing debate within the league between the cat people and dog people, but no one gets bent out of shape about it. In the end, we love all our league fur babies (and real babies).

• Derby is hard, mentally and physically. Coaches provide leadership that will prepare our teams for the butt-kicking that is derby.
• Decisions are hard. Coaches help make decisions by being the devil and/or angel on the shoulders of the Board of Directors and Captains. Primarily the devil/angel will chime in with regard to roster decisions.
• Coordinating a bunch of off-track stuff is hard, so coaches don’t have to do it, unless they want to. We’ve got a committee for that. Attendance tracking? Membership does that! Personal conflict resolution? The mediation committee does that! Booking venues/games? Interleague liaison does that!! We could go on and on with all the stuff you don’t have to do.

- Mind meld with the Training Committee to design, run and manage league practices. This is the “butt-kicking” part from the description above. Coaches don’t need to be at each and every practice, but are welcome at all of them.
- Help select rosters, create line-ups, and keep us cool as cucumbers with coaching prowess during scrimmages/bouts
- Provide feedback to skaters and league like a velvet hammer – Strong and effective, but with a soft landing.
- Abandon your fur babies, real babies, and/or derby widow to fulfill coaching duties on some evenings and weekends.
• Navigate the passport office to prepare for out-of-town/US competitions. Get your travel on! And if you can’t get your travel on, that’s ok too. We have lots of local games.
• Bottom line – Coaching and/or leadership experience is required. Formal coaching/leadership certification and/or training is desirable, but not required. We recognize that greatness rarely comes in the form of a completion certificate.
• Ability and desire to learn a new sport if not experienced with roller derby. Roller derby has a rule-book that at first read will either confuse you to tears or put you to slee…Zzzzzzzzz. Oh wow – I just fell asleep simply writing about reading the rules. Luckily we have rules and strategy wizards to help coaches learn.
• Demonstrate mad organizational and planning skills
• Coaches need to be able to schmooze with everyone connected with our league – athletes, volunteers, staff, and members of the public alike.
• There’s no change in comfort and no comfort in change. Coaches need to be able to usher the league to the light on the other side of change.
• Ability to foster a culture of respect, teamwork, sportspersonship, and athleticism. And settle the ongoing dog/cat debate. It’s priority #1.

If you want to know more about this opportunity or wish to apply for a coach role, please contact for more information