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Coach the Hammer City Roller Girls

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

We are looking for coaches who can subject our league to equal parts butt-kicking, love, and leadership. No roller derby experience? No problem! We all started off being like “what-the-what??” when it came to comprehending roller derby. With our support and guidance you will fall in love with derby in no time. And by “fall in love” we mean become totally obsessed with it like the rest of us. You will become ONE OF US.

Despite the silliness of this description, we are a serious league with serious aspirations but we need some help to bring them to fruition. For serious.

Derby is hard, mentally and physically. Coaches provide leadership that will prepare our teams for the butt-kicking that is derby. Coaches help make decisions by being the devil and/or angel on the shoulders of the Board of Directors and Captains. Coordinating a bunch of off-track stuff is hard, so coaches don’t have to do it, unless they want to. We’ve got committees for that, so you can focus on coaching stuff like:

  • Designing, running and managing league practices
  • Helping to select rosters and create line-ups
  • Keeping us cool as cucumbers with coaching prowess during scrimmages and bouts
  • Providing feedback to skaters so we can continue to level up
  • Traveling with the team to tournaments and bouts, sometimes in the States, mostly on weekends, when and if possible

Interested? Learn more here.

June 7 Double Header: Hammer City vs. ROC City

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

June 7 Hammer City vs Roc City

Our home season keeps rolling with a double header against ROC City Roller Derby of Rochester, New York. The chartered Hammer City Eh! Team will take on the Roc Stars in a WFTDA sanctioned bout, and the Hammer City Harlots will battle the B-Sides.

This action of internationally epic proportions takes place on Saturday, June 7 at Dave Andreychuk (Mountain) Arena, 25 Hester Street in Hamilton. Doors open at 5:00 pm with the first game at 6:00 pm and the second at 8:00 pm.

Get your tickets online and save $2 off the door price
Adults – $13 advance / $15 door
Kids 13 and under – Free

Tickets will also be available soon from local outlets.

Good stuff to know:
* Sit trackside with a Mill Street beer in hand
* Concession stand
* For up-close-action, bring a chair and sit trackside
* Kid-friendly event, with a special activity table just for them
* Awesome HCRG swag for sale
* The after-party will be at This Ain’t Hollywood, 345 James St North, Hamilton. Meet your favourite HCRG skaters! Admission is free with your bout ticket.

Our other 2014 home dates:
* July 12 Double Header
* August 9 – Maple Stir-Up Invitational tournament

R.S.V.P. on Facebook

Maple Stir-Up 2014 Invitational Tournament

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Maple Stir-Up

It’s time to see who brings home the Canadian bacon.

The Hammer City Roller Girls are thrilled to announce Maple Stir-Up, a brand-new annual invitational tournament in Hamilton, Ontario, and the first to feature an all-Canadian, all-WFTDA line-up.

On Saturday, August 9 prepare for beaver fever to hit an all-time high as four travel teams battle it out in a jam-packed day of action that also includes a bonus B-team bout. With the number of WFTDA leagues in the country now at 10, we’d be downright loonie not to hold this event.

Established in 2006, HCRG is Canada’s first all-female, flat-track roller derby league and in 2009 became the second international member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. We are a proud Canadian league and couldn’t be more excited to bring competitive, top-quality derby to fans in the Hamilton area.

Team Applications Now Open
We are now accepting team applications for the inaugural Maple Stir-Up. You are guaranteed two WFTDA-sanctioned games, plus our excellent hospitality and that tingly feeling from being part of Canadian roller derby history.
Click here for team application

Officials, Volunteer applications open soon.

Questions? E-mail

Want to be a Hammer City Roller Girl?

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

The Hammer City Roller Girls are looking for new skaters just like you! We are a super friendly league that welcomes fresh meat of all shapes, backgrounds, and abilities.

Come on out to our no-obligation Meet and Greet and Gear Sale Night on January 19 to learn more about joining our league through our proven Derby 101 program. Meet experienced skaters in a relaxed setting, learn more about our training program, and pick up some lightly-used second-hand roller derby gear. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to talk to skaters who have recently completed Derby 101. They are in the best position to give you an idea of what you’ll experience.

Meet N’ Greet Night
January 19, 2014
7:00 pm
This Ain’t Hollywood, 345 James St. North, Hamilton
Meet current skaters, learn more about the program, and determine if derby is right for you. You can also register for Derby 101 at the meet ‘n’ greet if you wish (please bring ID and a cheque).

The Derby 101 program starts on January 29, and is open to beginners 18 years+ who want to learn the game of flat track roller derby. It’s the first step towards becoming a Hammer City Roller Girl. No experience? No problem! During the 9-week program our trainers will teach you the skating and derby skills you’ll need to learn. Our program is specifically designed to help you build your roller derby know-how and skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Once you graduate from Derby 101 you will be eligible to join Smash Squad where you will continue to hone your derby prowess while working towards becoming an HCRG league skater.

If you want to come to our Meet and Greet night, join Derby 101 or have any questions, complete our online skater intake questionnaire and we’ll get back to you.

Click here for more details regarding our next Derby 101 session and the Meet and Greet night.


Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

HCRG SuperBRAWL September 14 2013The battle lines have been drawn. The outdoor skatepad awaits. Get ready for SuperBRAWL.

This year the Hammer City Roller Girls are excited to hold their annual outdoor game as part of Supercrawl, Hamilton’s premier festival for music, arts, and performance – and now roller derby!

SuperBRAWL will place on Saturday, September 14 at 2:00 pm on the skatepad at Hamilton Waterfront Trust’s Pier 8, as part of Supercrawl’s new Waterfront stage. Canadian musicians including garage punk band TV Freaks and folk singer Jacob Moon will play on the stage behind the skatepad leading up to and following the game.

SuperBRAWL caps off Hammer City’s most successful season yet, which has seen our league climb the rankings and defeat opponents from around Ontario and the US. See longtime vets, rising stars, and eager rookies all mixing it up in this all-Hammer City game. This is the only time this year you get to see Hammer City skaters play against each other!

Admission is FREE. We will be collecting non-perishable food items to benefit local families.

We recommend catching the free Supercrawl shuttle from the corner of James St. North and Barton St. to get to the Pier.

Saturday, September 14, 2013
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Hamilton Waterfront Pier 8 Skate Pad (Behind Williams Coffee Pub)
47 Discovery Drive/End of James Street North
Bring a lawn chair and arrive early to secure a spot

RSVP on Facebook and don’t forget to also like our page. We will be asking fans to choose the team names!

SUPERCRAWL is an annual event that celebrates the diversity of Hamilton’s James Street North district, our multi-disciplinary arts community, and the incredible spark that results with our unique mix of cultures, businesses and creative people. What started in 2009 as a one-night extension of the monthly Art Crawl, which attracted nearly 3,000 people on a rainy October evening, has grown into a two-day award-winning festival headlined by international musical talent and innovative performance and display artists with widespread notoriety that had over 80,000 people in attendance in 2012.

Outdoor ‘Rollympic’ Roller Derby Scrimmage

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Age ain’t nothing but a number, except when you’re a Hammer City Roller Girl on Sunday September 9.

For the first and only time this season, Hammer City’s skaters will compete against each other in an outdoor showdown of Olympic proportions: the GOLDEN OLDIES vs. the BRONZE BABIES. Don’t let the youthful faces fool you – the Babies have a lot of skaters with many, many seasons under their precocious belts. And trust us, the Oldies aren’t resting on their laurels. They’re a well-oiled machine loaded with wisdom and caginess.

Who will step onto the top of the podium and win the hearts of fans? Find out at the Hamilton Waterfront Trust outdoor skate pad – you don’t want to miss this battle of the ages.

Sunday, September 9, 2012
2:00 PM
Hamilton Waterfront Pier 8 Skate Pad (Behind Williams Coffee Pub)
47 Discovery Drive/Foot of James Street

As our thank you gift to our fans, admission to the game is Pay What You Can. HCRG will also be collecting non-perishable food items to benefit local families.

*Family friendly / Dog friendly
*Free parking
*Concession stand
*Bring your own lawn chair for trackside seating – arrive early to secure a spot
*Easy access by transit: HSR’s Bayfront Bus #4 stops a couple of blocks away

RSVP on Facebook

Recap! Hammer City Double-Header – August 18, 2012

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Mean Little Mama and the Forest City jammer as they start the tie-breaking final jam

The Hammer City Roller Girls treated the mighty town of Dundas to a couple of white-knuckle, nail-biter bouts on August 18, 2012 that ensured a winning home season record for both the Eh! Team and the Harlots.

The Hammer City Eh! Team battled it out with the Forest City Derby Girls (London, ON) in the first bout of the evening, and what a battle it was!

The Eh! Team held a mere 10-ish point lead throughout the majority of the bout although the ladies from Forest City were able to take over the lead a few times before the teams found themselves in a 106-106 tie at the end of regulation time.

The odds in the final, tie-breaking jam were stacked against the Eh! Team with a blocker in the box while the jammer, Mean Little Mama, was one minor penalty away from a stint in the box as well.  Mama managed to emerge from the pack almost immediately after the jam began while Bitchslap Barbie, Dicey and Marmageddon held the Forest City jammer in an impenetrable wall.  A devastating jammer helmet cover fumble by the Forest City jammer rendered her unable to score for part of the jam and a subsequent trip to the penalty box gave Mama and the Eh! Team the chance to rack up 17 additional points to win the game 123-108.

Mama wasn’t the only mean jamming machine on the rink that night.  Ginger Wilde, Dicey, Scooby Doom, and JJ Bladez also demonstrated their fancy jammer footwork to rack up an impressive number of points throughout the bout considering the solid defense thrown their way by the Forest City pack.

Blockers Little Red Rollerhood, Miss Carriage, Oh! Henry, Wild Rice, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bitchslap Barbie, Peppermental, Whacks Poetic and Marmageddon threw up walls, hacked open holes, and delivered earth-shattering hits for their jammers to exploit.

“It was a hard-hitting, physical game”, said Dicey, the Eh! Team’s bout MVP. “It was the most physical bout we’ve had this season… [Forest City] are a tough, fun team to play and I’m looking forward to facing them again in the future”.

Bean Stalker keeping the Belles' jammer at bay

The second bout featured a clash between the Hammer City Harlots and the Belles of the Brawl (Brantford, ON) that was equally as heart-thumping and well-matched as the first bout of the evening.

The Harlots jumped to a quick lead as the Belles, aided by some borrowed skaters from London and Guelph’s Royal City Roller Girls, found their footing.  The Harlots and Belles traded leads many times over the latter half of the first period and throughout the majority of the 2nd period.  In the latter part of the 2nd half the Harlots suffered the loss of jammer, Scooby Doom, who played in both bouts of the evening before succumbing to a knee injury.  Back-up jammer, Wild Rice, who also played in the first bout was then ejected from the game after too many trips to the penalty box.

It was all hands on deck for the Harlots as they struggled to hold their lead against the Belles late in the 2nd period.  The last minutes of the game were plagued by trips to the penalty box by the Harlots. The ejection of a key player from the Belles squad gave the Harlots the edge they needed to pull ahead in the last minutes to win the bout with a score of 151-133.

Jammers Abba Stabya, Fista Krusher, and Lucky Lady Pearl used their stellar juking and dodging skills to get around the Belles’ brick wall blockers.

Blockers Biggie Falls, Typhoid Maggie, Bettie Shreds, Taco Bella, Dymond Crush-Her, Bean Stalker, Skarla, Daisy Dynamite, and Whacks Poetic (who also played in both bouts) kept the formidable Belles’ jammers at bay with all the right moves.

“Brantford has some really hard hitters, but our solid walls and quick feet kept us competitive”, said Fista Krusher, bout MVP for the Harlots, “We won the game, but the Belles made us earn it”.

For more Hammer City derby action, check out the Eh! Team’s bout against GTA Rollergirls’ G-sTARs at Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto on August 25th.  You can also catch all the Hammer City ladies in action against each other during their upcoming Olympic-themed public scrimmage on September 9th at Pier 8 in Hamilton where the Golden Oldies (Hammer City derby girls who have some silver in their hair) will take on the Bronze Babies (Hammer City derby girls who are on the younger side of the divide or who just simply prefer to lie about their age).

We Put The HA in Hammer City!!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

On May 26 2012 seven local comedians took the stage in support of HCRG at Route 66 in Hamilton. This was the first comedy fundraiser put together by HCRG and the event came together as well as we could have hoped! The comedians were hilarious, the drinks flowed and it was great to see that a good time was had by one and all!

Between Zak’s ongoing and amazing spiel detailing what it’s like to still be a virgin (and making many requests to rectify his situation with one or many of our lovely roller girls, to no avail), and Gavin going head to head with a lone heckler – and coming out victorious (to the delight of the crowd), the laughs and good times just kept coming.

Numerous prizes were up for grabs with our raffle, and one of the most sought after wins was the door prize to see Helix later that Night –compliments of This Ain’t Hollywood. The best prize available and one that received the most jokes, was an amazing professional teeth whitening certificate. Not only was this one of the highest priced and popular prizes, but the jokes about the relevance of the prize given the area of town, were hilarious. We definitely gave the comedians more material to work with on the fly. Needless to say the winner of that raffle was more then red in the face when he received his prize.

The comedians were excited to support Hammer City’s Wheeled Warriors – all dawning the HCRG shirts we gave as a thank you. Everyone, comedian, patrons, fans staff and our Roller girls had an amazing time. The event drew a crowd that spanned from Toronto to Welland!!

Our enormous thanks goes out to everyone that donated prizes for our raffle and the amazing staff at Route 66. A special thank you to all the comedians that came out: Mayce Galoni, Zak McDonald, Doug Nagy, Ashley Moffatt, Anthony Mlekuz, Gavin Stephens! And a very special thanks goes out to Patrick Coppolino for hosting the night and keeping us rolling. The night would not have been the same without all of you! Who knows, there may be another comedy night in the works, so stay tuned!!