Double Header. Double Victory.

Hammer City Roller Girls fans were treated to a double dose of victory on Saturday, June 16, at Hamilton’s Mountain Arena, as both the Eh! Team and the Harlots racked up decisive wins over squads from the Royal City Rollergirls of Guelph, Ontario. The Harlots downed the Violet Uprising 328-168 while the Eh! Team defeated the Brute-Leggers 254-169.

Daisy Dynamite

Daisy Dynamite puts her game face on for the Harlots. (Photo by Joe Mac)

The Harlots opened the evening with a strong first jam against the Violet Uprising, one of Guelph’s three home teams, and never looked back. The lineup featured a mix of veteran leadership – including Judge Jodie, captain Scooby Doom, and Miss Carriage in her first game ever as a Harlot – and first-year talent. On the jammer line, JJ Bladez showcased her speed while Lucky Lady Pearl impressed with quick movements and a crowd-pleasing jammer takeout. By the end of the first half, the Harlots were in command of the game, leading 167-54. Crunching hits by the unforgiving Peppermental, first-year standout Daisy Dynamite, and BC transfer Hart Knox in her debut for HCRG allowed the Harlots to continue racking up the scoreboard, despite the unrelenting tenacity of the Uprising’s key jammer duo of The Hellcat of Panar and Babe Le Strange. Fista Krusher also delivered some fearless jamming, in her first game for HCRG, while Miss Carriage showed the fans why she’s a triple threat with her keen track awareness, signature hip checks, and smooth strides with the star.

Marmageddon and Bitschlap Barbie

Captains Marmageddon and Bitchslap Barbie put the squeeze on the Brute-Leggers' Hellcat of Panar. (Photo by Joe Mac)

After the carnage of the first bout was cleaned up, it was time for Hammer City’s Eh! Team to deliver the goods. Mean Little Mama quickly took advantage of a penalty and put up 34 points in the first jam, and the Eh! Team were on the way in closing out Guelph’s all-star team, the Brute-Leggers. Oh! Henry wreaked havoc with her athleticism and backwards blocking, while veterans Bitchslap Barbie and ChainSAW Mary delighted in knocking green-hued skaters to the floor throughout the bout. The Eh! Team sat on a lead of 139-63 at halftime, rotating in solid jamming from JJ Bladez, Abba StabYa, Scooby Doom, and rookie Ginger Wylde. Fellow rookie Sox Maniac was poised in the pack, working smartly off the on-track leadership of pivots Whacks Poetic and Marmageddon. The Brute-Leggers never backed down from any challenge however, and delivered their own displays of strategic blocking (Archbitch of Slamterbury, Lady GoreJess) and gutsy jamming (Hot Cross Guns, The Hot Shemale) to answer back whenever the Eh! Team threatened to pull away. In the end however, the strategy and experience of Eh! Team made it a 2-for-2 night in the win department for HCRG.

HCRG would like to thank the usual suspects – fans, friends, family, Rowdy Rowdy Refs, visiting referees, NSOs, and volunteers – as well as the Royal City Rollergirls for coming to the Hammer for a fun- and tumble-filled fight on the track. (The Brute-Leggers, by the way, also killed it at the after party!)

Next up for the Eh! Team is the Ruckus in the Rustbelt tournament in Youngstown, Ohio on June 30. The Harlots return to action on July 21 at home when they face off against Tri City Roller Girls’ Total Knockouts from Kitchener, Ontario.

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