Burlington Pride

By: BeOnYa

It was a rainy overcast day, but the last thing Hammer City Roller Girls are scared of is rain.

Lucky Lady Pearl, Pumble Bee, Beonya, Biggie Falls and Sonic Ram

Remember, we purposely hit, block and throw ninja moves (not really) on a daily basis. Burlington Pride is a smaller event held at Central Park in Burlington to represent and celebrate our diverse sexual and gender identities, histories, cultures, and lives. This small event in Burlington was the perfect opportunity for HCRG to come out and let people know who we are and what we do. Upon arrival, we were asked to introduce ourselves on the small stage of the Music Centre in Central Park. The five of us who attended spoke briefly about ourselves, giving our derby name, our position (if we had one), and how long we have been with the league. It was nice to see that the people who were at the event had some recollection of roller derby, even if in some cases it was ages ago. Throughout the day we were approached on many occasions to repeat our derby name. This seemed to be something people were highly interested in. As one person suggested “A derby name is almost like a stage name.” It takes your personality and encapsulates it into a single word/phrase/identifier.

The day was filled with handing out as many flyers as humanly possible. Some knew of HCRG, and some had no idea that roller derby was still a sport that you could get involved in. To get into the spirit of Burlington Pride we actively participated in some of the activities including: dressing up in costumes, and hoola hooping (or attempting to, haha). It was a eventful day and a wonderful opportunity to get out and talk about HCRG. For me, as a Fresh Meat in HCRG it was a good way to meet other members of the league on a new level. The practice environment is one way to get to know the team, but getting out to promote the Hammer City Roller Girls provides a new opportunity to get to know everyone.

Lucky Lady Pearl Hula Hooping!

It was great to see the excitement that some people expressed about Roller Derby. And sometimes it was just their excitement about Roller Skating that was the common ground. Whatever the connection was, speaking to people about our passion for Roller Derby as well as telling them about our up and coming games, it was a successful and fun day.

Thank you so much to the organizers for having us out!

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