We Put The HA in Hammer City!!

On May 26 2012 seven local comedians took the stage in support of HCRG at Route 66 in Hamilton. This was the first comedy fundraiser put together by HCRG and the event came together as well as we could have hoped! The comedians were hilarious, the drinks flowed and it was great to see that a good time was had by one and all!

Between Zak’s ongoing and amazing spiel detailing what it’s like to still be a virgin (and making many requests to rectify his situation with one or many of our lovely roller girls, to no avail), and Gavin going head to head with a lone heckler – and coming out victorious (to the delight of the crowd), the laughs and good times just kept coming.

Numerous prizes were up for grabs with our raffle, and one of the most sought after wins was the door prize to see Helix later that Night –compliments of This Ain’t Hollywood. The best prize available and one that received the most jokes, was an amazing professional teeth whitening certificate. Not only was this one of the highest priced and popular prizes, but the jokes about the relevance of the prize given the area of town, were hilarious. We definitely gave the comedians more material to work with on the fly. Needless to say the winner of that raffle was more then red in the face when he received his prize.

The comedians were excited to support Hammer City’s Wheeled Warriors – all dawning the HCRG shirts we gave as a thank you. Everyone, comedian, patrons, fans staff and our Roller girls had an amazing time. The event drew a crowd that spanned from Toronto to Welland!!

Our enormous thanks goes out to everyone that donated prizes for our raffle and the amazing staff at Route 66. A special thank you to all the comedians that came out: Mayce Galoni, Zak McDonald, Doug Nagy, Ashley Moffatt, Anthony Mlekuz, Gavin Stephens! And a very special thanks goes out to Patrick Coppolino for hosting the night and keeping us rolling. The night would not have been the same without all of you! Who knows, there may be another comedy night in the works, so stay tuned!!

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