The First Skate Back

By: Lucky Lady Pearl

Gifts have been opened. The turkey has been digested. New Year’s Resolutions have been made (and some already broken). The hustle of the holidays are over… Now what?

HCRG was on a 4 week winter break, and as a “newer” skater I couldn’t wait to get back on the track! I think… I hope?

2011 was an exceptional year, and one that introduced me to roller derby. I couldn’t wait for the winter break to be over. As I made my faithful drive to practice (Which is 45 minutes – a small sacrifice I make for a sport I love so much) all the anxiety came crashing down like a gigantic wave of self-doubt about to carry me out to a sea of uneasiness. In short, I wanted to cry. But I couldn’t – my daughter was with me. So I held back the tears. My personal New Year’s Resolution is not to cry on game day – yes, derby girls get nervous.  I continued our 45 minute drive, with my daughter listening to music and me, trying very hard to think of a reason to turn around and to go home. But alas nothing came to me, and we drove on.

As I entered our unheated arena in Caledonia, I could hear cheery voices filling the air. As I began to skate around the track to warm up, I could feel freedom and liberation start to take over some of the anxious feelings I had during the drive. And so – Practice begins. I am the kind of person who is never quite sure of themselves, or where they fit in a group. Is it here, is it there, or anywhere? The answer came rushing at me – about five foot five with short blonde hair (JJ Bladez) and as she knocked me flat on my ass, I knew, “Yes, this is where I belong.” It felt great! Right then and there I knew that 2012 is going to be a great year!! 

See ya all on the track! Hooray 2012! – Love, Lucky

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